• South American Journals, 1858–1859
  • The Book of Job, from the King James Bible
  • The Care and Repair of Books
  • Esthétique du Mal
  • Raphael’s Drawings
  • The Bashford Dean Collection of Arms and Armor in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The New Colophon, A book collector’s quarterly
  • John Baskerville
  • Makers of Opera
  • New England Blockaded in 1814, The Journal of Henry Edward Napier, Lieutenant in H.M.S. Nymphe
  • Blackberry Winter
  • New Aspects of John and William Hunter
  • Early American Rooms, A Consideration of the Changes in Style between the Arrival of the Mayflower and the Civil War in the Regions Originally Settled by the English and the Dutch