• Imperial Hotel Tenugui, printed cloth souvenir
  • Katsuji Asada, poster announcement
  • Fun and Safety Afloat, booklet
  • Reflections, vol. 3, no. 3, booklet
  • "In a few weeks this striped bass ..,"
  • Presidio Gateways
  • Stuart M. Ketcham — Downtown YMCA 1990
  • "Love”
  • “In the first five months…”
  • “Forecast: There’s a World of Aluminum…(rich in comforts)”
  • ISO, banquet menu
  • “Forecast: There’s a World of Aluminum…(Wall Mosaic)”
  • “The One They All Want Is the One To Serve”
  • IBM Smarter Planet Illustrations and Posters
  • The American Heritage Book of the Revolution
  • IBM Smarter Planet, Business Services
  • Smarter Planet