Mohawk Satin and Vellum “Beauty in Utility” Promotion

Mohawk Satin and Vellum “Beauty in Utility” Promotion

M/W, New York, New York, 1998


This piece takes a look at the simple things that are ubiquitous in our lives and asks us to consider them in a new light. The photography is deliberate, simple, and honest. These are not objects made beautiful by abstraction or styling techniques; rather, their intrinsic grace is laid bare. Even the black shape surrounding the light bulb comes from a utilitarian origin—to reflect a dark shadow and define the edge during photography. Sewing patterns, cardboard box graphics, and a topographic map are included as typographic parallels. The printer’s color bars embedded in the gutter can be used to tell which photos are duotones, tritones, or four-color process. Industrial box staples and perforated scores are everyday finishing techniques that are actually quite beautiful. The die cut to the binding area makes decorative use of an area of the brochure that is usually unseen.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 20 (1999)
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Promotion, Booklet


Design firm
Art director
Allison Muench Williams
Hans Gissinger
Laura Silverman
Active Graphics
Mohawk Satin and Vellum
Mohawk Paper Mills