• Library of Congress New Visitor Experience
  • The Columbia Book of Civil War Poetry
  • A Nation of Nations, poster
  • “Why generals have always had a tent of their own”
  • The Early Illustrated Book
  • Scrolls from the Dead Sea
  • The American Cowboy
  • The American Experience
  • Papermaking: Art and Craft
  • The Dance of Death Printed at Paris in 1490: A Reproduction Made from the Copy in the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection
  • The Nekcsei-Lipocz Bible, A fourteenth century manuscript from Hungary in the Library of Congress, Ms. Pre-Accession 1; A study by Meta Harrsen
  • The Florentine Fior di Virtu of 1491
  • Don DeLillo series—White Noise, Great Jones Street, End Zone, Americana, Mao II, Libra
  • Manly Health and Training