• This Sudden Empire California
  • San Francisco Kaleidoscope
  • History of Susanna
  • The Private Journals of Stendhal, 1811–1817
  • Kamehameha, King of the Hawaiian Islands
  • Solstice and Other Poems
  • Wah-To-Yah & The Taos Trail, Prairie Travel and Scalp Dances
  • Essays of Montaigne
  • Ace High, the Frisco Detective; Or, The Girl Sport’s Double Game. A story of the Sierra and the Golden Gate City
  • The Discovery of Florida: Being a True Relation of the Vicissitudes That Attended the Governor Don Hernando De Soto…by A Fidalgo of Elvas
  • Life Among the Indians or: The Captivity of the Oatman Girls among the Apache and Mohave Indians…as given by Lorenzo D. and Olive A. Oatman, the only surviving members of their family, to the author, R.B. Stratton