• “It makes the commercials smaller”
  • Till death do us part.
  • Any Palizzio is better than no Palizzio
  • Can a car improve with age?
  • "All we can tell you ..."
  • "The slower you put them together..."
  • The Gillette Razor Blade.  1965.  The Gillette Razor Band.
  • "Are you in the market for a hardtop?"
  • “Darling, tell me if there’s anyone here I know.”
  • The Salton Hotray will keep meals hot before you serve them…
  • “If this four-year-old can speak fluent Spanish, why can’t you?”
  • "Lady and the Tiger"
  • It does all the work\, but on Saturday night which one goes to the party?
  • Hertz Has a Competitor Who Says He’s Only No. 2.  That’s Hard to Argue With, poster
  • After 209 ears of making fine vermouth, Americans have come to know and love us for our ashtrays.