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Unbound 3

Concrete Design Communications, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, 2005


Masterfile had an image problem. Despite building an archive that represents some of the most creative talent around, this largest remaining independent stock image agency was still perceived by its clients as being too conservative. To address this challenge, Concrete produced a strategic campaign that included a new visual identity, advertising program, and website, and a broad range of marketing materials. Key to this strategy was the development of direct mail pieces that challenged the conventions of typical stock image agencies (a difficult task in this competitive sector). The centerpiece of this effort was the launch of Unbound—a collection of images “real and implied.” Unbound uses the interpretation of imagery as a form of visual creative inspiration. While it uses many images from Masterfile’s extensive library, just as many of the images have been modified, obscured or “implied.”

Unbound has been instrumental in challenging how Masterfile has been perceived, and is being followed up with new and constantly evolving editions.

Juror Notes

They actually created something out of the photographs instead of just placing them side-by-side.
Inspirational, keepsake quality.
Binding has a really nice way about it. Not overproduced, which happens very often in this industry.
Very fragmented, open-ended, anything is possible.

Collections: AIGA 365: 27 (2006)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Corporate communications design
Format: Brochure, Corporate communication


Design firm
Concrete Design Communications, Inc.
Art directors
Diti Katona, John Pylypczak
Andrew Cloutier
Larry Gaudet
Grafikom MIL
Printing method
Specialties Graphic Finishers
Binding method
Smyth sewn
70 lb. Domtar Solutions Natural Super Smooth text, 70 lb. Domtar Solutions Soft White Super Smooth text, 70 lb. Domtar Solutions Ivory Super Smooth text, 100 lb. Utopia Premium Ivory Silk text
New Baskerville, Helvetica Neue