• The Seventh Hill
  • This Advertising Business
  • Egyptian Literature: A Lecture
  • America Conquers Death
  • Arts and Crafts in New England 1704–1775: Gleanings from Boston Newspapers
  • Thomas Hardy 1840–1928: Catalogue of a Memorial Exhibition of First Editions, Autograph Letters and Manuscripts
  • “Edward” and “Sven I Rosengård,” A Study in the Dissemination of a Ballad
  • The Hunting of the Snark
  • The Travels of Marco Polo, The Marsden Translation Revised and Edited with an Introduction
  • Jemima Condict: Her Book, Being a transcript of the diary of an Essex County maid during the Revolutionary War
  • Vita de Sancto Hieronymo, Reprint of the Life of St. Jerome, in Italian, which is found in few copies only of the edition of his Letters printed at Ferrara by Lorenzo de Rossi in 1497
  • Conrad Ferdinand Meyer: The Style and the Man
  • The Boy Who Was
  • Elizabeth and Essex
  • John Dryden: The Poet, the Dramatist, the Critic—Three Essays
  • Florentine Merchants in the Age of the Medici: Letters and Documents from the Selfridge Collection of Medici Manuscripts