Richard III poster

Richard III poster

Sommese Design, State College, Pennsylvania, 2000


The problem was to create a poster for an updated version of the Shakespeare classic Richard III that would appeal to the population of the Penn State University community. I created the graphic to suggest the production’s modernized interpretation of the Shakespeare play. The ironic juxtaposition of the classic’s title with the imagery of modern weapons of mass destruction proved to be very effective at appealing to an academic audience that was, for the most part, well aware of the original time frame of the play. Rather than flooding the campus with cheaply printed flyer, we chose to produce a limited number of large posters using one of the large format computer plotters available to us on campus. These were strategically positioned in order to reach the largest number of people.

Collections: AIGA 365: 22 (2001)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Illustration
Format: Illustration, Posters


Design firm
Sommese Design
Art director/creative director
Lanny Sommese
Lanny Sommese
Digital production
Matt Flick
Gill Sans
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Streamline
Trim size
24 x 34 inches
Penn State University
Penn State University