It Is Beautiful . . . Then Gone
It Is Beautiful . . . Then Gone
It Is Beautiful . . . Then Gone
It Is Beautiful . . . Then Gone
It Is Beautiful . . . Then Gone
It Is Beautiful . . . Then Gone

It Is Beautiful . . . Then Gone

Martin Venezky, 2004


Since the book is a monograph of my work, it gave me the opportunity to curate and catalog my work and elaborate on the thinking, philosophy and environment that created it. I wanted this book to mimic a laboratory rather than a gallery, as if the reader were visiting me in mid-project and was encouraged to wander around, open up drawers and ask lots of questions.

I decided to group projects casually, sometimes with projects of similar genres (books, posters), sometimes as separate case studies (“Bordertown,” “Sundance”) and still other times as distinct processes (“Experimentation”). The pivotal piece in the book is the huge wall collage that graces my studio’s walls and occupies a special gatefold, along with an exhaustive catalog of its individual components.

Because of the investment in time and energy that I put into this book, I have hopes that it will become my portfolio’s centerpiece—something I could send out on request that explains my work and its excitement as well as I could ever do in person. In the meantime, it provides a guide for my students and other young professionals as to alternative, independent career paths and design as a lifelong pursuit.

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 2004
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Art director/creative director
Martin Venezky
Martin Venezky’s Appetite Engineers
Jacket designer
Martin Venezky
Martin Venezky
Cesar Rubio, Dana Davis, Martin Venezky
Production directors
Martin Venezky, staff of Princeton Architectural Press
Production artist
Martin Venezky
Picture editor
Martin Venezky
Martin Venezky
Clare Jacobson
Princeton Architectural Press
Trim size
7 x 9 1/2 inches
Quantity printed
Century Schoolbook, Helvetica, Benton Gothic, ITC Kabel
Asia Pacific Offset
Jacket printer
PLC printer, Asia Pacific offset
Inside—140 gsm Japanese Matte plc; 150 gsm glossy art and matte lamination
Binding method
Sewn, case bound