• Poems and Drawings
  • In the Green Mountain Country
  • Red-Figured Athenian Vases in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The Pirotechnia of Vannoccio Biringuccio
  • A Crackling of Thorns
  • The Arms of Yale University and Its Colleges at New Haven
  • The Dancing Bears
  • Art of Latin America Since Independence
  • Shaker Furniture, The Craftsmanship of an American Communal Sect
  • Bartlett’s West: Drawing the Mexican Boundary
  • An Armada of Thirty Whales
  • Jan Van Hunks
  • Of Human Bondage
  • Festum Praesentationis:  A Fourteenth Century Prompt Book
  • The Kasîdah of Hâjî Abdû el-Yezdî
  • Darwin, Wallace, and the Theory of Natural Selection
  • A History of the Printed Book, being the Third Number of the Dolphin