• “The Heel”
  • Zen and Japanese Culture, book jacket
  • Pappagallo, letterhead and envelope
  • The Archetypal World of Henry Moore, book jacket
  • Complex/Archetype/Symbol in the Psychology of C.G. Jung, book jacket
  • William Caxton and His Critics
  • Of Divers Arts
  • Robert Kaufmann
  • Misch Kohn
  • Walker Evans American Photographs
  • Hamilton Text and Cover Papers, sample book
  • The Western Maryland Railway Story
  • Sixteen to Sixty: Memoirs of a Collector
  • William Pachner
  • Contemporary American Artists (Series of Nine Catalogues: Milton Avery, Jose de Creeft, Lee Gatch, Mauricio Lasansky, Carl Morris, Walter Quirt, Abraham Rattner, Hugo Robus, Karl Schrag)