• Leaven for Loaves: Poems
  • Apples Be Ripe
  • Psyche
  • Food and Drink
  • A Riband on My Rein: Poems
  • François Villon: A Documented Survey
  • Steichen the Photographer
  • The Two Spies: Nathan Hale and Robert Townsend
  • Letters of John Marin
  • The Constance Letters of Charles Chaplin
  • Monsieur Vénus
  • The Poems of Catullus
  • Nikita: A Story of Russia
  • Connecticut Clockmakers of the Eighteenth Century
  • The Bronze Treasury: An Anthology of 81 Obscure English Poets, Together with Their Biographical Portraits
  • American First Editions—Bibliographical Check Lists of the Works of 146 American Authors—Revised and Enlarged