• Decorated Book Papers
  • College in a Yard II
  • Edvard Benes—In His Own Words
  • Walden, or Life in the Woods
  • Boston
  • Richard C. Jenkinson Collection of Books
  • The Greater Power and Other Address
  • Six Poets of Modern Greece
  • The Fables of Jean De La Fontaine
  • A Series of Monographs on Color: No. I: Color Chemistry, No. II: Color as Light, No. III: Color in Use
  • West Made East With the Loss of a Day
  • Mary Celeste: The Odyssey of an Abandoned Ship
  • Chester Noyes Greenough: An Account of His Life as Teacher, Dean, Master & Scholar
  • French 16th Century Books, Volume I and II Harvard College Library Department of Printing and Graphic Arts Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts, Part I