Image Ethics in the Digital Age

Image Ethics in the Digital Age

Civic Design, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2003


This book is about the technological revolution, visual reproduction and distillation of images throughout mass media culture — digital control, manipulation and deception, instantaneous distribution and the erosion of privacy. It presents a volume of original essays about media and the visual environment in the digital age. The academic community is the primary audience. A number of cover directions were initially developed. With a typographic approach being selected, I wanted to convey a sense of multiplicity and omission within the pattern of type.

Juror Notes

“All type. Great play of colors. Subtle and beautiful.” Isabel Warren-Lynch

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 2003
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Design firm
Civic Design
Creative director
Adam Grafa
Jacket designer
Craig S. Davidson
Production director
Adam Grafa
Production coordinator
Dan Leary
Production artist
Craig S. Davidson
Larry Gross, John Stuart Katz, Jay Ruby
University of Minnesota Press
Trim size
7 x 10”
Quantity printed
200 library cloth, 1,750 paperback
Franklin Gothic, Meta, Mrs Eaves
Jacket printer
Sheridan Books, Inc.
International Paper Carolina White Shade 10 pt. coated 1 side, 80 lb. smooth finish, matte film lamination
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