• Intimate Landscapes, Photographs by Eliot Porter
  • Memorial Exhibition of the Work of George Bellows
  • Addresses on the Occasion of the Opening of the American Wing
  • A Guide to an Exhibition of the Arts of the Book
  • Red-Figured Athenian Vases in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • A Handbook of the American Wing, Opening Exhibition
  • Beyond Representation: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, 8th-14th Century
  • The Bashford Dean Collection of Arms and Armor in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The Cloisters
  • Sixteen to Sixty: Memoirs of a Collector
  • The Scepter of Egypt: Part I. From the Earliest Times to the End of the Middle Kingdom
  • Goya: 67 Drawings
  • The Bellies Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry, Prince of France
  • Tutankhamun
  • Ch’ing Ming Shang Ho, Spring Festival on the River, a scroll painting of the Ming Dynasty after a Sung Dynasty subject
  • The Great King, King of Assyria: Assyrian Reliefs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy
  • Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between