• Telltales of Two Cities
  • Where the Money Will Go
  • Some Do’s and Don’ts for Marketing Men, brochure
  • Putting an Arm on Space
  • A Visit to a Black Hole
  • Time Magazine ("Canada")
  • Fourth of July, paper plates and leaflet
  • Time ("The Balkans”)
  • 1st Cell Destroyed by Virus, 2nd Cell Protected by Interferon
  • Environment of Change, conference booklet
  • A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union
  • For Your Valentine paper dress in box
  • General Telephone and Electronics, Time brochure
  • Coins of the Colonies cloth-bound coin holder with coins
  • Time News Tour of Eastern Europe cloth-bound book in slipcase
  • Time Inc. Magazine Group
  • “September 11” issue
  • Teens Before Their Time