• Office Opening Card
  • DHA (USA) Stationery
  • Naked Music Stationery
  • H. P. Zinker CD
  • The Healing of America
  • The Strongest Thread
  • Fresh Dialogue Poster
  • David Byrne “Feelings” CD
  • The Nields “Gotta Get Over Greta”
  • Telling Stories to the Sea
  • Pat Metheny Group “Imaginary Day” CD
  • Anni Kuan Brochure
  • Skeleton Key “Fantastic Spikes Through Balloon” CD
  • Metallica, Death Magnetic CD Packaging
  • Afropea 3 “Telling Stories to the Sea”
  • Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health
  • Metallica, Death Magnetic
  • H.P. Zinker “Mountains of Madness”