• "Is the economy trying to tell you something?"
  • "It can run the mile in 5 cents flat."
  • "Funeral"
  • Can Volkswagens be sold by mail? promotion kit
  • Lady Bug. The VW with the Automatic Stick Shift, poster
  • "Where Are They Now?"
  • Can you still get prime quality for $1.26 a pound?
  • Volkswagen Concept 1 Car Brochure
  • "It was the only thing to do after the mule died."
  • "Try looking at a Volkswagen this way:"
  • Can it really carry as much as we say? Ask the man who borrows one.
  • It does all the work\, but on Saturday night which one goes to the party?
  • “The Only Water a Volkswagen Needs is the Water to Wash With”
  • For the price of some station wagons and their optional extras, you can buy a VW Station Wagon and this optional extra.
  • Volkswagen Exhibit