• Soul Coughing Interactive Press Kit
  • Paul Simon—The Rhythm of the Saints
  • Unity 2
  • “Imagine”
  • “Why do men who hate girdles…”
  • Do you want a shape like a bra?
  • “Now, zip into the most feminine shape of them all:”
  • ZZ Top—Recycler
  • Talking Heads "Naked"
  • Terrell—On the Wings of Dirty Angels
  • David Byrne: Rei Momo
  • “Bodeans: Black-and-White” Postcard Set
  • David Byrne: Rei Momo CD Package
  • Lou Reed/John Cale—Songs for Drella
  • The Velvet Underground Live MCMXCIII Special Limited-Edition CD Package
  • Exhibitions, “Geneology of Speed”