• Utopia
  • Frijoles Canyon Pictographs
  • The Cambridge Book of Poetry for Children
  • Mason Locke Weems: His Works and Ways in Three Volumes, A Bibliography Left Unfinished by Paul Leicester Ford
  • Once There Was a General
  • The House That Jack Built/La Maison Que Jacques A Bâtie: A pictures book in two languages
  • The Best of Two Worlds
  • The Elements of Lettering
  • The Artist in America
  • Vita de Sancto Hieronymo, Reprint of the Life of St. Jerome, in Italian, which is found in few copies only of the edition of his Letters printed at Ferrara by Lorenzo de Rossi in 1497
  • Lincoln’s Kalamazoo Address Against Extending Slavery
  • The Dance of Death
  • The Police Gazette