• Esthétique du Mal
  • Raphael’s Drawings
  • A Witness Tree
  • Fragonard Drawings for Ariosto, Essays
  • Poems of Alcman, Sappho, Ibycus
  • Maps of Connecticut for the Years of Industrial Revolution
  • The Tremolino
  • The Three-Cornered Hat
  • The Athenaeum Gallery, 1827–1873: The Boston Athenaeum as an Early Patron of Art
  • Guide to the Manuscript Collections in the William L. Clements Library
  • Soldiers of the American Army, 1776–1941
  • Early Houses of the King’s Province in the Narragansett Country
  • A Bibliography of the Strawberry Hill Press, With a Record of the Prices at Which Copies Have Been Sold, Together with a Bibliography and Census of the Detached Pieces