2wice: False Start
2wice: False Start
2wice: False Start
2wice: False Start
2wice: False Start

2wice: False Start

Pentagram Design, New York, New York, 2008


2wice is a visual and performing arts journal built around specific themes that are explored through essays and performances conceived for the page. Some performances are based on an existing piece of choreography while others are developed uniquely for 2wice.

False Start is a collaboration between dancer—choreographer Jonah Bokaer, photographer Joachim Ladefoged and designer Abbott Miller. We designed it as a 97—page flip-book that allows readers to re—animate Bokaer’s dance of the same name. Readers can take each page as a portrait or take it as a progression, with a beginning, middle and end, viewing each page as a frame in an animation. Bokaer’s dance is an elegant condensation of modern visual and performing arts, reflecting influences from artists such as John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Eadweard Muybridge, Jasper Johns and Marcel Duchamp. Our approach to the publication was to let all of those echoes play out in an extremely simple presentation that allows the complexities to unfold in the reader’s hands.

Juror Notes

A very aesthetic piece of print with incredible line of finish. Typography, photography, printing and paper choice are immaculate. 2wice does it again.

Flip-book turned dance—an appropriate use for the intent. The abstract letterforms are also a simple and light interpretation of the human form.

Flip-book treatment is nice visual illustration of the dancer’s movement. Rubber-like cover seemed to be a paper trend this year.

Collections: AIGA 365: 30 (2009)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Design for entertaining
Format: Magazine


Design firm
Pentagram Design
Art director
Abbott Miller
Joachim Ladefoged
Eric Karnes, Abbott Miller, Kristen Spilman
Abbott Miller, Patsy Tarr
Monroe Litho Inc.
Neenah Coronado SST, Bright White, 80 lb., cover, stipple; Neenah Coronado SST, Soft Touch, Sirius White, 110 lb., cover
Akkurat, Frieze, hand-lettering
2wice Arts Foundation