Hi-Fi Fridays

Hi-Fi Fridays

Sundance Channel, New York, New York, 2003


The purpose of this project was to create on-air identity and navigation for Hi-Fi Fridays, a block of programming centered on music and film and catering to viewers who are music and film fanatics.

The approach taken was to strip the music down to only a Casio keyboard beat with no further embellishment. We wanted to refer to no specific style, era, or genre of music so that people of all sizes, shapes, styles and ages could groove without any judgment—music is for everyone.

By making the film camera visible in the shot, music and film were represented literally and equally by a dancer and a cameraperson, each taking exactly half of the screen space. The line between the front camera action and the behind-the-scenes action was obliterated. The point of view of the on-set cameraperson revealed intimate close-ups of the dancer's body, which contrasted sharply against the wide, almost clinical shots from the main camera. The sound design for the wide shots was made to sound hollow in the vast black void, whereas for the close-up shots, the sound design was without atmospheric consideration, as though it were directly inside the dancer’s head.

The budget for Hi-Fi Fridays was $25,000 and was shot on 16mm film using two cameras.

This piece brought levity, humanity and a carefree atmosphere to the Sundance Channel and set a tone for the other projects that followed.

Juror Notes

Very “now” and very funny.

Collections: AIGA 365: 25 (2004)
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Brand and identity systems, Motion graphic


Design firm
Sundance Channel
Creative director
Keira Alexandra
Keira Alexandra
Production director
Adam Pincus
Production artist
Joanne Harmon
Holle Singer
Jared Gutstadt
Sound designer
Matt Foglia
Directors of photography
Brian Rigney Hubbard, Kirsten Johnson
Anne Mullen
Project manager
Krista Liney
Sundance Channel