Vivus 2002 annual report
Vivus 2002 annual report
Vivus 2002 annual report
Vivus 2002 annual report
Vivus 2002 annual report
Vivus 2002 annual report
Vivus 2002 annual report

Vivus 2002 annual report

Howry Design Associates, San Francisco, California, 2003


VIVUS develops therapeutics for sexual dysfunction in both men and women. The report had to show that the untapped opportunity for VIVUS is huge despite intense competition, and that VIVUS has product candidates in all major areas of sexual dysfunction. The primary audience was investors, so the message had to be communicated quickly, without a lot of fluff.

Vivus wanted us to help them differentiate their products from others on the market—and find a compelling way to show that sexual dysfunction affects a broad spectrum of people.

Due to budgetary constraints, VIVUS originally came to us to design a 10K wrap. We conserved costs by coming up with a solution that allowed us to use all stock photography. In terms of our design approach, we tried to be compelling and entertaining, yet informative. The eclectic mix of humorous images helped reinforce the idea that sexual dysfunction is universal without being too serious.

The humor of the cover generates curiosity to open the book, and the simple message within pulls the reader through page by page. The intimate size of the book and the limited use of color made this book distinctive and cost effective.

Juror Notes

A very clear idea with conviction. Reaches out to people in a humorous, unembarassing way. Follows a very succinct story; allows you to care about the company and the product.

Collections: AIGA 365: 25 (2004)
Discipline: Corporate communications design
Format: Brochure, Corporate communication, Booklet


Design firm
Howry Design Associates
Creative director
Jill Howry
Ty Whittington
Production artist
Liisa Turan
Project manager
Charin Kidder
Waller Press
Printing method
7/7 Color
Waller Press
Binding method
Utopia II matte 80 lb.