The Believer Visual Issue

The Believer Visual Issue

McSweeney’s Publishing, San Francisco, California, 2006


The cover of The Believer’s 2006 Visual Issue depicts, among anonymous gallery goers, a woman wearing one of Rosemarie Trockel’s knit caps, a masked child from a Ralph Eugene Meatyard photograph, and Matthew Barney dressed in his (furry, pink) “Entered Apprentice” costume from Cremaster 3. According to Charles Burns (our cover illustrator), Vito Acconci is also depicted, but he’s hidden under the gallery floor, reenacting his famous Seed Bed performance. In play as both gallery display and the magazine’s bonus feature is a detachable stack of postcards by Kehinde Wiley.

Juror Notes

“Curated literature feels right at home like a lapdog.”
“A journal like no other.”
“ I was completely seduced by the juxtaposition of homespun and modern.”

Collections: AIGA 365: 28 (2007)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Editorial design
Format: Illustration, Magazine


Design firm
McSweeney’s Publishing
Creative director
Dave Eggers
Alvaro Villanueva
Charles Burns
Andrew Leland
The Believer